Brain Exercises to Help Keep You Mentally Sharp

Brain Exercises to Help Keep You Mentally Sharp

Typically people focus their workouts on different parts of their bodies. Legs, arms and abdomen being the biggest focal muscle groups. But, your brain is a muscle too! In order to keep your arms toned you need to work out those muscle groups frequently and the same goes for your brain. Just like the gym has a ton of different equipment for various types of workouts there are a myriad of things you can do to exercise your brain. It’s important as you get older to keep that muscle in your head in top shape to help stop memory loss due to aging.


Puzzles are one of the best things to do to help exercise your brain. Doing jigsaw puzzles ignites different parts of the brain and cognitive abilities thus giving many parts of your brain a good workout all at once. Another good thing about puzzles is the ability to increase the size and difficulty. You can start with a 100 piece and work your way up to the 1,000 piece. Puzzles are something that can be done solo, with a partner or with the whole family! It’s good for young children to do puzzles as a way to expand their cognitive response and strengthen their skills too.Or superslot also same saem


Card games are great for memory and critical thinking skills. A quick game of solitaire has been proven to help memory and thinking skills in older adults. If you want to get a little more excitement in your card game you can play poker and have a money pool with your friends. Making it a social occasion is a good way to have it become a habit, try hosting a weekly or bi-weekly game!


Every once and awhile you run into a word that you don’t know the meaning of and you usually forget it right? Try turning it into a learning experience and expand your vocabulary one or twice a week by learning new words. Look up some weird ones in the dictionary or write down a word you overheard to look up later. This helps strengthen the auditory processing and visual processing parts of the brain that can begin to degenerate as you get older.


When was the last time you really paid attention to what was around you? The smell and taste of freshly baked cookies? The texture of the dough between your fingers? Science says igniting all five of your senses at once is a great way to stimulate your brain.


By starting a new skill or hobby you can learn something useful or fun while strengthening your memory. Turn an idea into a hobby or a curiosity into a new skill. Some people begin to profit off their new hobby too! With the ability to open up online shops with ease a new skill can become a new way to bring income in on your own time.


The complexities of language are a great way to challenge yourself, exercise your brain and open up a whole new world of communication. Higher levels of creativity and memory are related to being bilingual. It can also help with transitioning from one task to another. No matter what age you’re at jumping in to learn a new language has multiple benefits along with giving your brain some much needed exercise!


Various fish oils are great nutrients to keep your mind sharp. Salmon is full of the good types of fish oils your brain craves. You can also get it from walnuts, olive oil or flax seeds. Eating healthy isn’t just for the muscles below your neck your brain needs the right food to function too!


Reading a variety of things including fiction and non-fiction is a great way to learn new things and exercise different parts of your brain. If you’re an avid mystery reader try reading something historical. Do you stick to fiction? Try non-fiction books on subjects you’re already interested in like gardening or cooking. It works your brain out by imagining different things while reading. And, you’ll have more things to talk to other people about which also works your brain out by exercising the memory you retained of what you read.